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Specialty Nutraceuticals and Fertility

Specialty Nutraceuticals and Fertility. Doctors and nutritionists can now offer patients a valuable comprehensive fertility support program.

Supporting fertility in more people

For years, a significant barrier for couples seeking fertility support has been—purely and simply—cost. One recent University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) study revealed that couples seeking the popular treatment, in vitro fertilization (IVF), have an average out-of-pocket expense of $19,234.

In the U.S., this comes to an average of 44% of the annual disposable income for couples seeking treatment. “For many patients,” UCSF infertility specialist James F. Smith, MD, has noted, “the high costs … represent a significant burden on household finances and almost certainly have a major role in fertility treatment decision making.” 

The specialty nutraceutical option 

However, recent developments in specialty nutraceuticals may provide doctors and nutritionists with a valuable new option for offering their patients the solid first step in a comprehensive fertility support program.

These nutraceuticals also provide pharmaceutical companies focused on fertility support new opportunities to expand their product portfolios and their total available market. Considering the “significant” cost burden of traditional treatments for many couples and the chance to develop the total treatment market, the right nutraceutical is undoubtedly an option more doctors and pharmaceutical companies might want to investigate.

Specialty nutraceuticals and fertility treatment

Why specialty nutraceuticals?

While there is still some skepticism about specialty nutraceuticals, a growing body of evidence suggests that, as well as being far less costly than traditional fertility drugs and treatments, they may also be—in some instances—more effective.

To learn more, check out the Dietary Supplements Guidance Documents and Regulatory Information page on the FDA’s website.

CortControl’s specialty nutraceuticals

At CortControl, for example, we have a specialty nutraceutical called Glutrasol and Transfer Factor Ultra. For more than 20 years, veterinarians have prescribed many of its essential compounds to treat diseases and conditions in mammals, and the success of these treatments is well-documented and quite dramatic. In some cases, for example, fertility in cattle increased by more than 70%.  

Immune Enhancement Dietary Supplement. Glutrasol™ offers humans therapeutic levels of transfer factors, glucans, prebiotics and probiotics, vitamins, and minerals, and has a rich vanilla flavor.

Glutrasol Dietary Supplement

Glutrasol offers therapeutic levels of transfer factors, glucans, prebiotics and probiotics, vitamins, and minerals and has a rich vanilla flavor.

Why are we confident our supplements will make a difference in humans?

The answer is in science. All mammals, humans included, have essentially the exact cortisol production mechanism, and when the body produces too much cortisol, the chances of becoming infertile can increase in some instances.

Controlling cortisol production

Designed to control high cortisol production levels, Glutrasol and Transfer Factor Ultra—much like the compounds veterinarians have prescribed to cattle for years to increase fertility—should (and we believe will) have a similar effect on humans.

Cortisol Stress Hormone. Scale showing elevated stress level.

Cortisol is a stress hormone that can affect fertility in both men and women. 

When women are stressed, the brain produces cortisol, which can disrupt the ovaries’ function and the release of eggs.

  • Hormonal balance: Cortisol can disrupt the hormonal balance needed to mature eggs. It can also decrease estradiol, which can damage egg quality.
  • Ovulation: Cortisol can disrupt signaling between the brain and ovaries, delaying or preventing ovulation.
  • Menstrual cycle: High levels of cortisol and prolactin can impair the menstrual cycle.
  • Blood flow: Cortisol can reduce blood flow to reproductive organs, like the ovaries.

Cortisol can also suppress reproductive hormones, leading to abnormal ovulation, anovulation, and amenorrhea.

  • Ovulation is when an ovary releases an egg that can be fertilized by sperm, potentially leading to pregnancy.
  • Anovulation, also known as an anovulatory cycle, is a medical condition that occurs when an egg is not released from the ovaries during a menstrual cycle.
  • Amenorrhea is when a woman who usually menstruates doesn’t have a period for three months or more if she’s had regular cycles or six months or more if she’s had at least one spontaneous period before.

The stress hormone cortisol affects fertility in men. 

Cortisol can impact sperm production and motility in men. FSH, which is secreted by the anterior pituitary in response to GnRH, stimulates sperm production. 

  • In men, Follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) helps control the amount of sperm that the testicles (testes) make and affects the health of the sperm.
  • The gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH) causes the testicles to produce testosterone.

Stress can also lead to behavioral changes that can impact fertility, such as decreased sex drive and motivation. While occasional stress may not affect fertility, chronic stress can lead to hormone imbalances that make it difficult to conceive.

What is the role of nutraceuticals in fertility?

Currently, nutraceuticals are a common and popular way to mitigate the male fertility issues of pre-testicular, testicular, and post-testicular etiologies.

  • Pre-testicular etiologies, also known as extra-gonadal endocrine disorders, are fertility issues that originate outside the reproductive system and prevent the testes from receiving adequate support. These disorders can affect spermatogenesis and originate in the hypothalamus, pituitary, or adrenals.
  • Testicular etiologies may derive from varicocele-induced testicular damage, undescended testes, testicular torsion, mumps orchitis, gonadotoxic effects from medications (including chemotherapy, radiation, and surgical resection), genetic abnormalities, and idiopathic causes (any disease that is of uncertain or unknown origin may be termed idiopathic).
  • Post-testicular etiologies are causes of infertility that occur after the testes and primarily involve obstructions in the ducts that lead away from the testes. These obstructions can occur anywhere in the male reproductive tract.

Nutraceuticals possess multi-nutritional factors that improve metabolic activity, regulating hormonal profile and sperm production.

Transfer Factor Ultra. Mushroom Extract. Proprietary Blend. Immune Enhancement through Cytokine Balance.

Transfer Factor Ultra

Transfer Factor Ultra ingredients are formulated at therapeutic levels for severe illness or as prevention for significant health challenges. As with any supplement, it is advisable to seek advice from your healthcare professional to ensure it suits you.

Nutrition plays a crucial role in fertility.

If you continuously supply your body with supplements, they can impact your metabolism, hormones, and entire endocrine system, which regulates fertility.

Eating a healthy, well-balanced diet and taking the proper supplements can improve fertility for both men and women.

Eating a healthy, will-balanced diet and taking the proper supplements can improve fertility for both men and women.

It is worth a close look

We are not claiming that specialty nutraceuticals such as Glutrasol and Transfer Factor Ultra are silver bullets. We are saying, however, that they offer promise in supporting fertility for a relatively low cost AND that they are worth considering as part of a comprehensive fertility support strategy—one that will ultimately enable more people to take advantage of infertility treatments.

A new approach to supporting fertility

Glutrasol and Transfer Factor Ultra are unique and patented science-based specialty supplements that offer a new approach to supporting fertility. They’re designed to address compromised immune function due to elevated stress, a factor that may contribute to an estimated 30% of all fertility problems in both women and men.

Consider enhancing your fertility with Glutrasol and Transfer Factor Ultra if you are:

  • Couples with fertility issues
  • Have known stressors that may be inhibiting fertility
  • Could benefit from minimizing the impact stress is having on your fertility
  • Looking for a natural, non-invasive, less costly fertility aid to enhance your ability to conceive

Specific positive outcomes include:

  • Significant increase in egg health 
  • Increase in the number of healthy eggs 
  • Increase in sperm count

CortControl develops, and markets patented specialty nutraceuticals

CortControl develops and markets Glutrasol and Transfer Factor Ultra. These patented specialty nutraceuticals support fertility, immune health, and other health concerns.