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Introducing Transfer Factor Ultra

CortControl Immune Enhancement

Transfer Factor Ultra is formulated at therapeutic levels. This product is created for severe illness or for the prevention of significant health challenges.

Probiotic Dietary Supplement

If you’re looking for a probiotic dietary supplement that can aid in strengthening your immune system, Transfer Factor Ultra can be a viable option. This supplement contains transfer factors, which are known to help educate and improve the immune system’s defense against harmful pathogens.

Pure Ingredients for a Healthier You

Ingredient purity and quality is the most essential element of supplementation. We use only the highest quality ingredients that work for you. Our products never include harmful fillers, processing aids, GMOs, and other contaminants.

Patent-Protected, Science-Based Nutraceutical

CortControl Immune Enhancement

Glutrasol IE is a patented specialty supplement developed to improve your immune system. Developed to support geriatric and other “at risk” populations particularly susceptible to diseases due to reduced immune systems.

Dietary Supplement

With a well-tuned immune system, you’ll get sick less often. Glutrasol offers therapeutic levels of transfer factors, glucans, prebiotics and probiotics, vitamins, and minerals and has a rich vanilla flavor.

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