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Balanced Cytokines Aid Prevention

Balanced Cytokines Aid Prevention

A Flu Epidemic

How balanced cytokines aid prevention.

Many people are concerned about the number of flu cases in the press today. They look more closely at alternatives to routine reliance on flu vaccines to combat potential exposure.  

Immune Response Solutions

Many vaccines rely on antibodies to provide resistance to a particular pathogen. Since a flu virus is always mutating, and antibodies are highly specific, they can often lose effectiveness by the time they are needed. The challenge exists when vaccines rely on specific antibodies to fight a particular pathogen that may have mutated beyond the bounds of that particular antibody’s efficacy. 

Immune response solutions offer an alternate approach to minimizing the effects of exposure to pathogens like flu viruses. Strong science indicates that cytokine balance is an effective way to promote immune health. 

Immune Enhancement Dietary Supplement. Glutrasol™ offers humans therapeutic levels of transfer factors, glucans, prebiotics and probiotics, vitamins, and minerals, and has a rich vanilla flavor.

Glutrasol Dietary Supplement

Glutrasol offers therapeutic levels of transfer factors, glucans, prebiotics and probiotics, vitamins, and minerals and has a rich vanilla flavor.

General Immune System Responses

To understand how this works, let’s look at the two general responses the immune system can take to combat pathogens:  fast and slow.

Fast Response

A fast response occurs when the body immediately recognizes the invader and has the tools to deal with it.

Slow Response

A slow response occurs when the body must learn to recognize an invader and develop antibodies. 

Flu Invader

For the flu, the fast response is particularly beneficial. The reason is simple: By neutralizing the flu invader early, the flu virus doesn’t have time to spread, duplicate, and overwhelm the body. The body’s defenses remain stronger than the invader’s attack, and immune cells outnumber the viruses. 

Fight Early

It’s best to fight early while the invading army is small. When fought early, an exposed person might report the flu coming on but doesn’t get it. Alternatively, he/she might report having the flu, but it’s a mild case.

Cytokines are drivers of the fast response

Balanced cytokines aid prevention. Cytokines are drivers of the fast response. They are small proteins (roughly 44 amino acids long) that are the workhorses of the immune system. They communicate among immune cells to orchestrate the body’s overall immune response. A balanced cytokine mixture is advantageous because all pathways to wellness are open. 

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Transfer Factor Ultra

Transfer Factor Ultra ingredients are formulated at therapeutic levels for severe illness or as prevention for significant health challenges. As with any supplement, it is advisable to seek advice from your healthcare professional to ensure it suits you.

There’s a second fast mechanism

Segments of a cytokine can approximate an antibody’s active surface, chemically tie up a flu virus, and remove that virus from the battlefield.

Slow antibody response

In contrast, the slow antibody response arrives too late. The body is already weakened and sick.

Flu viruses penetrate the cell walls

Furthermore, flu viruses penetrate cell walls, and antibodies don’t. The cell wall acts as a barrier, separating viruses and antibodies. Once fully developed, the flu can last a very long time. Cytokines are not as chemically specific as antibodies. Instead, they are useful against a range of invaders. For this reason, a reliable regimen of specialty supplements that contain balanced cytokines can be an important cornerstone to maintaining optimal immune system health.