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Cytokine Balance Supports Immune Health

Cytokine Balance Supports Immune Health

Balanced Immune Proteins for Immune Health

Cytokine Balance Supports Immune Health.

Do you know people who feel tired and unmotivated? Do they catch colds, flu, and “bugs” easily? If so, their immune system is undoubtedly involved. Digging deeper, the balance of immune proteins is at the center.

Immune Proteins

Immune proteins are the workhorses of your immune system. They are indispensable. With balanced immune proteins, your immune system keeps you healthy. Invaders are defeated quickly and efficiently, and your energy level is high. No energy wasted on continuing low-level battles.

Active Life

Your activity list is large, and you have time for friends. Life, in general, feels good. There is a sense of well-being. Glutrasol-IE provides balanced immune proteins.

Immune Enhancement Dietary Supplement. Glutrasol™ offers humans therapeutic levels of transfer factors, glucans, prebiotics and probiotics, vitamins, and minerals, and has a rich vanilla flavor.

Glutrasol Dietary Supplement

Glutrasol offers therapeutic levels of transfer factors, glucans, prebiotics and probiotics, vitamins, and minerals and has a rich vanilla flavor.

Balanced Immune Proteins

Balanced immune proteins promote wellness over sickness. For example, consider that you and a friend ate a meal at an unsanitary restaurant. You both ordered the same meal. Your friend got very sick, and it lasted a few days. In contrast, you experienced a little discomfort that passed quickly.

What happened? You had balanced immune proteins. Your friend did not.

Immune Response

Immune proteins communicate among cells and other proteins to orchestrate an overall immune response. That’s why balance is important. A full immune response involves multiple stages. Different proteins participate at different stages. Sometimes, those stages are opposite in effect, but each stage is appropriate at its time.

Unfriendly Bacteria

Here’s what happened at the restaurant: Unfriendly bacteria (from the food) attacked the intestinal wall.

The Four-Stage Response

  • The first response stage is inflammatory to destroy the bacteria. A first set of immune proteins accompanies this.
  • The second stage might involve removing the dead bacteria bodies. A second set of immune proteins operates.
  • A third stage might involve shutting down the inflammatory stage because the inflammatory work is done.
  • Stem cells arrive in a fourth stage guided by a fourth set of immune proteins to replace damaged tissue. With the four stages, the intestinal wall is eventually restored.

Cytokine Balance Supports Immune Health

Your friend had a deficit of immune proteins during one of the four stages. You had a balance. If your friend had taken Glutrasol beforehand, they would have had an easy time.

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Transfer Factor Ultra. Mushroom Extract. Proprietary Blend. Immune Enhancement through Cytokine Balance.

Transfer Factor Ultra

Transfer Factor Ultra ingredients are formulated at therapeutic levels for severe illness or as prevention for significant health challenges. As with any supplement, it is advisable to seek advice from your healthcare professional to ensure it suits you.